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May 25, 2020

How To Throw An Amazing & Memorable Party

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, from a laid-back backyard gathering to a full on ballroom gala, there are a few essential elements for hosting a memorable celebration that all your guests will rave about: entertainment, decor, and an element of surprise!

Photo by Aaron & Jillian Photography

1. Entertainment

Entertainment is the key to hosting an amazing party. The music selection sets the tone for the evening and is so important to your guests’ perception of the event. Everyone has a unique taste in music, so consider including a variety of genres that all your guests will love: from Top 40 to Motown, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, 80s Sing-Alongs, and 90s Throwbacks. You could even create a collaborative playlist on Spotify where your guests can add requests. Our clients often provide us with a playlist to keep guests entertained during band breaks and a collaborative playlist is a great way to include your guests in the planning process (If you plan ahead, you may get some great song ideas and you’ll be able to tailor the playlist to remove any songs you would prefer not to hear). To up the ante, live music adds magic to any event! It’s impossible to match the class that live music brings to a cocktail event or the energy it brings to a dance floor.

Photo by Ann-Marie Wyatt

2. Decor

No matter the venue, decor can amplify your event. Whether it’s adding twinkle lights to your backyard or asking guests to dress up for a disco-themed soirée, decor helps transport your guests. Warehouses can become flower-filled fairytales and tents can be transformed into tropical paradises. Themed food and drinks also add to the atmosphere and are a fun way to get your guests ready for the dance floor. One idea we love for weddings is creating a signature cocktail that represents your relationship!

3. An element of surprise!

From fireworks to a special performance, there are so many fun ways to surprise your guests…. and surprises are always memorable! We absolutely LOVE when our clients ask us to help pull off a surprise. We’ve seen brides sweetly serenaded by their father with the band’s help, grooms write a personal song for their loved one, amazing entrance dances, hilarious maid of honor speeches, and even a bride join the band for an epic performance on drums!

Photo by Jeanette Hopkins Photography

At the end of the day, if you’re having fun, your guests will have fun, too. But entertainment, decor, and an element of surprise are great ways to elevate the party and make it a night to remember!